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In our main building we have 4 hotel rooms with a seaview from each window. It gives us the oppurtinity to be fully focused on our customers. As a tourist, Vergi is an amazing village to visit, as we are located 7km away from Sagadi and Vihula manor, also 13km from Palmse manor. We have informative and clean hiking trails, polite people and also small store in Võsu, 10km away. 
We are inviting people to discover L
ahemaa area, as we don't have huge malls like Tallinn or Pärnu, but we are special in a different way. Our rooms are different from each other and brakfast is FREE! Also we don't offer buffet breakfast, as it is important for us to make the food as you'd like. Plus it's like a date- amazing way to start your morning!
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