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Vergi Sadam Seminariruum

Multifunctional Seminar Room

Thanks to LEADER project co-funding, Vergi Harbor Restaurant Wirkes' has tables, chairs, necessary seminar equipment, and soft furniture to make brainstorming sessions for Lahemaa visitors as comfortable as possible.

Discover a Unique Seminar Experience in Lääne-Virumaa

At Wirkes', we believe that the setting and ambiance can significantly impact the outcome of your seminars and brainstorming sessions.

Thanks to LEADER we go beyond the traditional seminar setting to provide a memorable and inspiring experience for your team. Whether you're looking to stimulate innovation or celebrate a special occasion, our multifunctional seminar room has everything you need.

Escape the city, embrace creativity, and unlock the potential of your seminars .

Vergi Sadam koosolek
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