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Multifunctional Seminar Room


Whistle & Work!

The perfect balance between work and nature!

We offer a comprehensive package priced at


on weekdays for smaller teams and groups.


The package includes
  • Capacity: 2- 40people

  • 3-course lunch or dinner meal

  • Non-stop coffee break + fresh sweet & salty pies upon arrival

  • Private room for up to 6 hours on the 2. floor

  • Desired layout for the hall

  • Necessary technology for the seminar

  • Brief introduction by the hostess and host about the history of Vergi Port, the current situation, and open discussion, with an optional tour around the peninsula for fresh air and streches.


Set up your plan!

Here are the room setup options for focused discussions and collaborative learning


Tables and chairs are arranged in an open U shape facing the front. Facilitates discussion and interaction among attendees and with the presenter.

Wide or Narrow I-Shape:

This setup is perfect for meetings up to 10 people and is more used in formal meetings. It can facilitate better communication between the speaker and attendees, as well as among attendees sitting opposite each other.

Hollow Square:

Tables are arranged in a closed square or rectangle with chairs around the outside. Encourages discussion and interaction among attendees.

Theater Style:

This setup has rows of chairs facing a front area where the speakers are located. Best suited for large audiences and presentations that don’t require a lot of note-taking or group discussion.


Round tables fully surrounded by chairs. This style is ideal for meals and small group discussions.

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 12.51.56.png
Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 12.51.56.png

Don't Forget Coffee!

Incorporating regular breaks into the schedule of a seminar can significantly enhance the experience for all attendees, making the event more effective and enjoyable.

6€/person (non-stop 10€)
Coffee, tea, flavored water
10€/person (non-stop 14€)
Coffee, tea, flavored water, savory and sweet pie
15€/person (non-stop 19€)
Coffee, tea, flavored water, salty and sweet pie, potato salad, curd cake with apple

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 12.51.56.png

If you don't want to seddle!

Offering lunch or dinner during a coffee break at a seminar is a great idea for boosting energy and focus, encourages networking, enhances satisfaction, accommodates dietary needs and also reflects well on the hosts.

Lunch Break

3 Courses 28€ / 2 Courses 22€

  Pumpkin puree soup with mushrooms and bacon OR

Salad with fried shrimps, peetroot hummus and mushrooms

 Crispy chicken with pumpkin cream and salad


Carrot cake with cream cheese OR

Baked cinnamon apple with ice-cream


3 Courses 35€ / 2 Courses 29€

Coat cheese salad with onion jam, peetroot hummus and cloudberry jam

Deer tartar with red onion, pickles and egg yolk

Confit' duck leg with fennel and jerusalem artichoke cream

Salmon fillet with crispy potatoes and salad

Grilled zucchini with peetroot hummus, salad and plum-wine sauce

Chocolate fondant with condensed milk and ice-cream

Quark cake with plum and apples in thickened juice


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