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Meet the Family: The Faces Behind Wirkes'

Welcome To Wirkes': The story about our dream of hospitality!

Hello and a big welcome to our very first Wirkes' blog post! We're excited to start this journey with you and thought the best way to kick things off is by introducing the heart and soul of Wirkes - our founders, Kelli Suigusaar and Lauri Loit.

Our Journey to Vergi Harbor: From Vihula Manor to Seaside Discoveries

Owners of Wirkes in the restaurant
Unique fireplace in Vergi Harbor Restaurant

Our story begins at the picturesque Vihula Manor, where our paths first crossed. Lauri, with his culinary creativity, was the sous chef, and I, Kelli, was immersed in the world of hospitality as the assistant to the service manager.

As the world struggled with the challenges brought on by COVID-19, our professional lives took unexpected turns. Lauri ascended to the role of head chef at Vihula Manor, mastering the art of leadership in the kitchen. Meanwhile, I ventured towards the coast, drawn by the allure of the seaside and hope for something bigger for myself.

Wirkes: Born from Dreams and Seaside Inspirations

While working in different roles, we recognized the potential within us and yearned to contribute more than our positions allowed. This realization sparked dreams of creating our own place. My grandmother always emphasized the importance of being near the sea, suggesting it brings luck. Next thing we can remember is standing by the Gulf of Finland at Vergi Harbor as the setting for the next chapter of our lives.

At Wirkes', we believe in the power of good food and great company. Our mission is to offer not just meals, but moments of joy and connection. Lauri's innovative dishes, inspired by our beautiful surroundings, and our teams dedication to creating a welcoming atmosphere, are what make us special.

Looking to the Horizon

We promised long ago to start a blog, maybe even create a few podcast episodes, and become a channel for kitchen hacks, recipes, tips for hosting dinners, and even share overviews of our projects.

We invite you to be a part of the Wirkes story, to share in the moments of joy and discovery that await in Lahemaa National Park. Whether you're joining us for the first time or you've been with us since the beginning, we welcome you to Wirkes' – where dreams, culinary delights, and the calming presence of the sea converge.

Sun rising in Lahemaa National Park by the Gulf of Finland
Sunrise in Vergi Harbor


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