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Organize Your Event In Our House! 

Vergi Harbor and Restaurant Wirkes' together create an inviting atmosphere where coastal beauty meets gourmet dining.

We organize various birthday, anniversary, and company events according to the planner’s wishes. We can accommodate up to 60 people on the first floor and up to 35 on the second floor.

With a satisfaction rate of 98%, you can be confident that your guests will enjoy delicious food and excellent drinks.

Birthday Dinnerparty

One of our most organized events are birthday parties. Whether you are interested in a small gathering in the restaurant’s main room without extra room rent, a private event for up to 30 people on the second floor, or a whole house event, we are here to offer you a full package deal!

Business Events

We know the importance of making a lasting impression. Whether it’s for potential partners, valued clients, or colleagues, we’re here to support you!

Our team is dedicated to creating bespoke events that perfectly align with your goals, be it training days, seminars, or sophisticated dinners.

Weddings & Anniversaries

Finding the right place for super important events can be challenging. We understand the difficulty, but for a good cause, we strive to make these events as memorable as possible. In our venue, you can decorate the room exactly as you’ve always dreamed.

Imagine receiving your ring by the beach, capturing stunning photos, and having the entire island to yourself for the day. It’s your day to rule – think about it!


Main Floor:

Min: 2pax 

Max: 60pax

Private Floor:

Min: 2pax

Max: 35pax

Whole House:

Max: 95 pax

If you’d like more information about possibilities on the property...

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